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Anio Novus Aqueduct

The Anio Novus Aqueduct dates back to 38 AD, in the reign of Emperor Caligula. There are several ruins of the aqueduct beyond Tivoli, along the Via Empolitana, the main road out of town on the left bank of the Aniene, leading towards Castel Madama and Ciciliano.

The best parts of the aqueduct are grouped together on this road about 2 km from downtown Tivoli, at a place called Ponte degli Arci. The archway closer to town is almost all that remains of a bridge that carried the Marcia Aqueduct across the ravine of the Fosso degli Arci. The ruins are hard to miss, two of them being arches that span the modern roadway. The second archway of the aqueduct, much larger than the first, was part of a bridge that was about 275 m long and 35 m high directly over the Aniene River. Other remains of the Anio Novus can still be seen in the Valle Barberini, a small tributary of the Fosso di San Gregorio.

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