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Things to do around Tivoli

The city of Tivoli is surrounded by copious locations to be involved in many outdoor sports during the year, for everyone. Around the wonderful naturalistic frame of Monte Catillo you can play trekking, horseriding through different itineraries as the Dea Bona Path, well-known for its historical ruins.

Not too far from Tivoli you can reach Subiaco, where is possible practicing outdoor sports inside the nature, like rafting, kayak an much more.

Trekking and Horseriding


Monte Catillo, well-known as "Monte della Croce" for an iron cross located on its peak, outreaches for 1340 hectares inside the District of Tivoli. It has a rare microclimate, generated by the presence of the waterfalls and has a very different kind of plantations in extinction. The trekking activity is organized inside the Reserve of Monte Catillo, with marked paths accessible around the whole area and signaled with little white/red flags.

Flagged Paths
"Dea Bona" or "Del Crinale" Path (n. 551)
Climb: mt 118
Travel Time: h 1.10
Difficulty: hiking level

Leaving the parking of Colle Ripoli you can walk through the path for 15 minutes, when you will meet a 30 mt high cliff called "Le Roccette"; you can continue the path for other 10 minutes , discovering a 112 mt deep chasm called "Monte Spaccato". The itinerary continues with the path named "Dei Cacciatori". In the its final part you can reach the Monte S. Angelo, where are located ancients ruins of Dea Bona.

Other paths near here: "Pomata" Path (n. 551/a), "Arcese" Path (n. 551/b), "La Cerra" Path (n. 552).

"Dei Lupi" Path (n. 330)
Climb: mt 380
Travel Time: h 2
Difficulty: hiking level

The path coincides, for its first section, with the "Via dei Lupi", a trekking itinerary that starts from Tivoli to Pescasseroli. You can begin this itinerary from Tivoli, at Largo S. Angelo, in front of the entrance of Villa Gregoriana, reaching the Arch of the Angel through the back road Marcellina for 200 mt. After the welcome panel you can start climbing the path, following the white/red little flags. During the trekking you’ll find a lot of different kind of particular plants, like the "Sughereta di Sirivindola" (cork oaks) or rock outcrops like "Colle delle Travi".
Other paths near here: "Coleman" Path (n. 331 and 331/b), "Paolo Fantini" Path (n. 332), "Monte Sterparo" Path (n. 333), "Colle delle Travi" Path (n. 334), "Colle Lecione" Path (n. 335).


The Natural Reserve of Monte Catillo, not too far from Tivoli, is a particular naturalistic point of interest: you can go through these paths riding horses and visiting the wonderful panorama of the roman country. The Reserve is managed by the Province of Rome, Department V, Service 1 "Ambient (protected areas and regional parks)".


The activity of paragliding is dated back decades ago and today represents a flying mode of transportation for high distances. The pilot of paraglide uses thermal currents, that allow him to fly at an high altitude. The peculiarity of the paraglide is the low velocity of flight, that permits to observe the wonderful panoramas, like Villa Adriana, Monte Gennaro, the city of Rome and the view of the sea. You can paragliding in Tivoli with specialized instructors at l’A.S.D. ALTIVOLI - Volo Libero Tivoli.





The Rafting is well-known as an extreme sport, but actually is an activity for all. The descent of the Aniene from Subiaco is a very exciting experience that keeps you in contact with the nature, with astonishments of the landscape of the river Aniene. During the descent of the river on the raft, you will navigate through waves, flowings and little waterfalls, fitted of helmet and paddle. The rafting activity are programmed with an expert guide of the Association “Vivere l’Aniene”, for the complete safety of the participants. The rafting at Subiaco will be a very touching experience, for the objecting of valuing the river landscapes.



Vivere l'Aniene
Comune di Subiaco

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