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Tivoli and its artists

The history and the beauty of Tivoli has always enchanted famous personalities and artists coming from every part of the world to admire the wonders of this ancient city. Tivoli was a fundamental stage of the well-known Grand Tour that artists and young aristocrats undertook around Europe in the past. Famous personalities on this tour include Wolfgang Goethe, Chateaubriand, Franz Liszt and Joseph William Turner.


Territory and City

By means of:
W. Turner - Veduta di Tivoli
W. Turner - Veduta di Tivoli
C.J. Vernet - Veduta di Tivoli
T. Cole - A view near Tivoli
G. Van Wittel - Veduta di Tivoli con la vecchia cascata dell'Aniene
Catasto Gregoriano – Tivoli, 1819


By means of:
J. More – Cascate di Tivoli
S. Denis – Aniene River at Tivoli
JP. Hackert - Die wasserfalle von Tivoli
G. Inness - Olive trees at Tivoli


By means of:
A.L.R. Ducros - Vue de Tivoli et du Temple de la Sibylle
A.L.R. Ducros - Interieur de la Villa de Mecene a Tivoli
Anonimo - Veduta della villa di Mecenate


By means of:
E.R. Franz - Via del colonnato
E.Roesler Franz - Vicolo del lavatoio

Ancient Ruins

By means of:
W. Turner – Paesaggio: composizione di Tivoli
E.Roesler Franz – Ponte Lupo
A.L.R. Ducros - Vue du Ponte Lucano et du Tombeau famille Plautia
A.L.R. Ducros - Temple d'Hercule a Tivoli
Anonimo - The temple of Vesta

Labour and quarries

By means of:
E. Coleman - Le cave di travertino
C.M. Quaedvlieg - Il trasporto di travertino
E.Roesler Franz - Le antiche cave del barco

Other arts

Wolfgang Goethe

Wolfgang Goethe

Goethe especially loved the landscape of Tivoli and, in his opinion, Villa Gregoriana was the best vision of the nature, with its waterfalls.

But the German poet loved the ancient ruins of Tibur Superbum as well, and the wonderful wisteria located near the Temple of Vesta, the oldest plant of Europe, known as the wisteria of Goethe. He was attached to these places and here he found inspiration for paying homage to Tivoli: "In the last few days I have been to Tivoli and I have seen one of the first wonders of nature. The waterfalls, the ruins and the overall landscape belong to those objects, the knowledge of which enriches our most inner souls."


The famous writer Chateaubriand, founder of French literary romanticism, was cursed by the spirituality and the devotion of the devotees for the Sanctuary of the Virgin Mary of Quintiliolo.

Here he composed the "Prayer of the pilgrim", contained in the book "Genius of the Christianity".

Franz Liszt

The composer Franz Liszt stayed in a little room of Villa D'Este and was hypnotized by it. From here he admired the Italian gardens with their splendid water games of the fountains, and the landscape of the Roman countryside.

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