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Follow the ancient path of water between nature and Archeology

Thermae Acque Albule - Aqua Marcia aqueduct and Anio Novus Aqueduct

This route follows the path of water, an element of capital importance since the days of the ancient Romans.

The magnificent Roman imperial baths were established here thanks to the presence of sulfurous water, and thanks to the emulsion gas created by the chemical process between carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide: the remarkable therapeutic properties were highly appreciated by the Romans.The trip can start right from the Thermae of Albule located in Tivoli Terme, a 20 km drive along the Via Tiburtina Valeria if you come from Rome, just 8 km if you come from Tivoli. The water temperature is around 23° and remains constant throughout the year, thanks to the residues of the ancient volcano.
Continue in Località Arci, near Tivoli, where you can admire the remains of the Aqua Marcia Aqueduct. Built in 144 BC the huge structure drew water from the basin of the Aniene River: nowadays, it is the only still functioning Roman aqueduct.
To end this amazing itinerary you can take the so-called Pomata Road, and drive towards San Gregorio da Sassola passing near the ruins of the Anio Novus Aqueduct: Emperor Caligula built it to channel the waters of the Aniene River and take them to Rome, coming into the capital city at Porta Maggiore.

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Strada delle Ville

Just two steps away from Rome you can take one of the most beautiful itineraries in Italy, linking the villas of Tivoli: Villa Gregoriana, Villa d'Este and Villa Adriana.

Centro storico

Discover the necropolis of ancient Tibur following the suggested route in the historic center of Tivoli.

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Listed buildings

Rocca Pia

The Rocca Pia was commissioned by Pope Pius II (Piccolomini). With its four round towers, it dominates the old town of Tivoli and the surrounding countryside. It overlooks the ancient Roman amphitheatre.
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Thermal baths

Thermal Baths

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Places of worship

Shrine of Our Lady of Quintiliolo

The sanctuary of Quintiliolo is outside Tivoli's historic center and houses the sacred image of the Virgin Mary of Quintiliolo, a still worshipped religious icon dating back to the 13th century.
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