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The route of the Villas

Just a drive away from Rome there is one of the most suggestive itineraries in Italy, a journey through the amazing villas of Tivoli: Villa Gregoriana and the two UNESCO World Heritage sites of Villa d'Este and Villa Adriana (Hadrian's Villa).

Coming from Rome you can take the A24 highway or the Tiburtina Valeriana state highway, following the directions to Tivoli; soon you will reach the monumental Villa Adriana, the biggest villa owned by a Roman emperor. Today, it is the villa that best represents the historical greatness of the Roman Empire. Inside are well preserved stunning archaeological buildings: the Canopus, a long pool surrounded by columns, a tribute to the ancient Egyptian city of Canopus; the Great and Little Thermal Baths, dedicated to body care, and the Pecile, a monumental four-sided portico used as a panoramic promenade.
Once the visit is over, continue along the Via Tiburtina towards Tivoli city center to get to Villa d'Este, the symbol of the Italian Renaissance, regarded as the finest example among the Italian style gardens of all Europe. Today this wonderful world heritage site is famous and loved around the world for its stunning fountains with their mesmerizing choreographed water features.
Leaving the old town of Tivoli and crossing the landscape Gregorian Bridge you reach the last stop on the itinerary, Villa Gregoriana, a unique natural park surrounded by greenery and characterized by forests, trails, caves and the famous waterfall formed by the diversion of the Aniene River.

Going on foot: 35 min per la discesa, 50 min per la salita
Going by car
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Il Cammino dell'acqua

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Villa Adriana

Villa Adriana (Hadrian's Villa), one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is the archaeological symbol of Tivoli; the ancient residence of Emperor Hadrian, it still witnesses the magnificence of the ancient Roman Empire.
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Villa D'Este

Villa d'Este is the symbol of Italian Renaissance architecture, an amazing UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is considered to be the most beautiful Italian style garden of Europe.
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Listed buildings

Gregorian Bridge

The Gregorian Bridge connects the historic city centre to Villa Gregoriana. The structure of this wonderful bridge is made of travertine and has a single arch resting on two pillars. Pope Gregory XVI built it in 1834.
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